A while ago I joined in with Maidenhead’s wonderful Art On The Street open air art festival. A couple of times with students and once on my own, displaying and selling prints of my artwork. As part of it I joined in with a competition to design the cover of the free magazine to be given out on the day.

It started as a simple sketch in my Moleskine pad, itself based on an object that I’d seen in a museum years back. I’d tried to draw the object as a robot years beforehand but was unsatisfied with the result. This time I was happy with the sketch and played around with it on phone and on Surface Pro.

In the end I came second, but it didn’t matter. I made a painting that I still love, four years later, and that makes me happy enough.

Final image created with ArtRage 4 app on Surface Pro 3.

Screens and suchlike.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.

I trained at college to be a traditional animator. In fact I found myself disliking computers, with a healthy dose of what my wife calls student certainty, because I found them cold and soul-less.

And then I left college with a showreel and found no jobs to be found. Well, there were jobs, but there were also a lot of people going for these jobs in a shrinking marketplace.

So I swallowed my pride, made a computer based showreel and joined a local computer games company. And then another, and another. Companies went bust a lot in those days.

And then I discovered phone art… but that is another blog. This is a tester, as much as anything. Just to see how it works, creating blogs and linking to them.

A brief about me:

In case you were wondering…

I started as a traditional animator, moving into computer games art and animation, then youth arts centre manager before becoming (for 16 years and counting now) a computer arts FE teacher.

Which is missing one aspect, something this website is primarily about:

I’m also a tablet, phone, VR and IWB artist. If it’s got a touch screen I’m more than happy to load an art app or two and start drawing.

Career highlights include:

  1. Artist in Residence for Microsoft during the creation and first year of launch of Paint 3D.
  2. Demonstration artist for Google, Adobe, Apple and more.
  3. IWB demonstrator for Sharp, Promethean, Steljes.
  4. Winner of the first Nomad international tablet art prize.
  5. Tablet art gallery exhibited in the UK, US and more.
  6. Tablet art speaker at BETT 2011, 2013, 2015, ISTE 2017 and 2018.
  7. Tablet artist at a range of cosplay events: EGX, MCM, LSCC and more. To date I have organised and led student hosted tablet art stands and happenings at over 75 shows since 2010.

It’s been a fabulous journey so far, now it’s time to take the next step up.

If you’re looking for a quick, capable, personable tablet artist to demonstrate the capabilities of any touch screen device look no further. Please contact me at: with an explanation of what you have in mind and I’ll be more than happy to send any art sample images.